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Pete's Camaro & Z

Welcome to Pete's Camaro Page

Here are my cars and the modifications I have made. Lots of time and effort in the cars to make them what they are today.

First and foremost my baby the 70-1/2 RS

I bought this car when I was 18 years old in Rochester, Mn. Since then there has been a lot of work and not much play but one day this car will see the road again. At this time it is about 95% complete all I need is a Lower front valence and some time to bring it to myself in Florida.
When I bought this car I realized a couple of months later that I needed to put in a subframe, what a pain that was. So while I was at it I put in new floor boards all around and closed up any holes existing in the trunk area. I learned something very important from this experience, I will never do it again.
The rest of the restoration included, new hood, new inner wheel wells, new fenders, new rockers, and doors out of Arizona. I decided to let the body shop install these items. I also made sure to buy all my components directly from GM, no cheap steel in this car. While I had everything pulled apart I decided to blast the front rails and firewall and repaint all this area.
Only a little more to go and she'll be on the road again.
Well now I can update the story the car has now been shipped to it's new home in Bradenton, Fl. I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on it and then finally after 8 years of not being driven, it will cruise again.

Update 11-26-2003 New motor has been built and installed and was fired off everything went well with the rebuild.  I will have it road worthy wihin the next few days.

Update 8-8-2014 Car has been running strong for the last 11 years!  I decided to rip into the car one more time and I have replaced the floor pans along with the brake booster and master cylinder and then I put in all stainless steel brake lines from inline tubing.  I have redone the brakes completely new rotors and pads up front and new drums and shoes in the back.

Update 8-27-2014 Car was sold to a guy in Brookings, SD.  Hope he enjoys it as much as I did for the past 24 years. 

Next aquisition the 2000 Z-28

I could not have asked for a better car with this one. I ordered this car from the Chevrolet dealership in Rochester, MN in November 1999. I took delivery of the car on March 14, 2000.
Thats just the beginning of this car. So far I have only slightly modified this car.
Whisper Lid and K&N Filter.
Free Mods
Flow Tech Cutout
Hopefully real soon I will get around to some more mods until then though I feel it's a good runner.
So far the best it's done is 13.170 @ 107.50mph at Bradenton Motorsports Park in July on a Hot & Humid night.

Sold this car in 2004, sure was a fun car! 

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